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Can/Will MyBalsamiq run without Flash Player?


In some departement of my company, some desktop computer does not have Flash Player for security reason. Can we use myBalsamiq editor without Flash Player ? Do you plan for that change ? When ?


Hi @Benjamin_Chevillon,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us today.

For now, myBalsamiq can only run with Flash Player installed.

We do plan for a change and we are currently working hard on going native. I can’t provide any ETA yet as this is a huge project for our small team but we will get there as fast as we can! :wink:


@Virgin Glad you guys are working on it. I hope that you guys get an HTML5 based version going soon as the Flash version is almost out of runway.

Chrome stopped supported plugins in 2015. Firefox will do the same in 2016. Because of Flash’s popularity the browsers do support Flash natively now.

The next step is “Click to Enable” on all but the Top 10 websites in the world.

I really love MyBalsamiq and hope it can make the transition.


@johnpetersontx We are getting closer, as detailed here. Still no estimated date yet, but we’ll share more news as they come along. This is a very exciting step for us!


Virgin, any update on the non-Flash version of MyBalsamiq?


Hi @Ole,

Thanks for checking on this one.

Still no official date but we’ve made some significant progress on this huge project. Would you like to be notified when we share the private beta to test it? :slight_smile:


sure - please notify me.


Please add me to the notification list. Flash is getting more and more abandoned by the major browser manufacturers. Would be very bad if Chrome ends support before a HTML -version is available
(I am another “Ole”, not the same) :slight_smile:


Sure thing @OleAlbers! We’ll keep you in the loop. :slight_smile:


Chrome 57 has removed all support for plugins. I had to click on the “Secure” button and then manually enable flash for Hope the new version is coming soon. Mozilla has also made Flash click-to-run.


We’re getting close @johnpetersontx! :slight_smile:

We recently started the private beta for the next major release of our web product. No ETA yet but we’ll keep you all in the loop!


Please do keep me in loop. would be glad to test the beta…


Added to the list @sunny5055! Thanks for wanting to help us with the beta. :slight_smile:


@Virgin Please add me to the beta list also. Love Balsamiq, detest flash.


Added, @AndyGough :slight_smile:


Hi. As a long time Balsamiq user on Linux I would love to test the new beta. Balsamiq still runs (although not without bugs) on wine but I gave up the Flash-based web-version long time ago. @Virgin


You are on the list, my friend.

We are hoping to have some Cloud news for you folks soon… :wink:


Any update on the beta? The Adobe AIR version is a sluggish beast on Lunux.


Definitely getting closer @lbj. Keep an eye on your email!


My team of about 10 have the desktop/AIR v3 version licensed/installed and we are working on our departmental budget for our next year. Recently for a project a coworker created mockups for our Appian interfaces and after a number of planning meetings with our business units we eventually transitioned off of Balsamiq to a crude code base so the users could better understand how clicking y/n radio buttons would dynamically display the next set of questions (if/then type of logic, drop downs, etc.).

Is it possible to get on the beta for either/both the desktop v4 or the online myBalsamiq upgrades you are working on? I’d like to see if the new versions would better meet our needs so I cam make sure we either get the upgrade in our budget or it is included higher up in our IT budgeting. Likewise, we are phasing out the Flash Player (and presumably AIR when necessary) from our desktops, so an upgrade that doesn’t depend on AIR would be nice.

Thanks, Ryan