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Can/Will MyBalsamiq run without Flash Player?


Hi @hartwichr and thanks for reaching out!

I’ve added your email to the waiting list for joining the private beta for our new web version (please let us know in case you’d like to be contacted on a different email address).

About the Desktop beta version, please let me know if you’re working on a Mac or a Windows machine and I’ll make sure to add your email there too for when the time comes.

About this:

Have you been using our Linking feature already?
It sounds like it may help a lot with your workflow. We don’t plan to go deeper than this in terms of interactivity but I wanted to make sure that the feature was familiar to you and your team.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts today! :slight_smile:


Using Balsamiq Mockups 3.4x-3.5x (desktop AIR based version) on Windows 7 (we will be moving to Win 10 in the next year)

RE: Linking feature:
A coworker has used the Linking feature in Mockups 3.x for a project in the last month or so. It seemed to work reasonably well but could have been quite tedious (she found a good way to do it faster). She had a number of questions to pose to users in the UI she was building and wanted some of the questions to trigger secondary questions based on the answer. To implement it, she created 1 base mockup of all the questions for a section and then cloned the mockup page a dozen+ times (to keep from retyping and to keep the layout/location of each question on the mockup constant). She then manually deleted the non relevant questions for each slide so that she could start linking on the 1st mockup and could drill down to subsequent pages.

For a project I am on, we tried building some of our logic into 6 mockup slides (in 1 bmpr file) with a real long slide for each. We tried putting the yes/no type responses in with dependent questions split up on the left & right. This worked for a while, but our non-technical business users got confused with their own process and couldn’t visualize the nested if/then logic. Eventually after we made good progress with Balsamiq (which was quite helpful by the way!), we started coding in our Appian (, vended business process modeling ($$ workflow product)) environment and just built some if/then logic into some simple drop downs and text fields. If they pick case #1 in a drop down, we could pull up a different set of questions, if they then pick yes to question 1, show question #2. If they answer No, go to question #3, etc.

I think our difficulty was:

  1. the Appian UI is somewhat different than many websites and is heavily Ajax/dynamic in nature, we are limited in the layout functionality in our screens
  2. we aren’t very experienced with Balsamiq
  3. for this project, we had a lot of nested if/then logic to decide which questions (drop downs, radio buttons, text/date fields, etc.) to show dynamically. Our goal was to mockup how a call center individual would answer a few questions and based on the answers other questions would be revealed.

2 examples:

  • Some of the if/then logic we would have liked to dynamically ‘reveal’ on screen when a user selects an option from a drop down (Case 1-7):

  • On individual Cases, some UI responses would trigger other questions to be revealed:


@Virgin can you add me to that list for the HTML5/Native desktop version please. Are you guys using Electron?


We totally can, Stan. Are you a Windows or macOS guy?

Not using Electron for either app - they both are being built natively. :slight_smile:


Nice one on the native! I’m a macOs guy. =D


You are on the list, my friend!

We just saw an update on the Mac app yesterday. It’s looking really nice.

We will be in touch. :slight_smile:


Hello! I would also love to be added to the notification list for the non-AIR version, and I’d be more than happy to beta test early versions :slight_smile:


Hello @simpsondesign! Please join the waiting list from this page and we’ll invite you soon. :slight_smile:


Great, thanks Virgin, all signed up :slight_smile: Quick question - will the HTML version be in-browser only? Or will there be a desktop version available? Something in an Electron shell perhaps?


No, we’re already working on native Win and Mac versions!

No ETA for those yet but we’ll keep you all in the loop once those are ready for prime time (not this year): It won’t be Electron, it’ll be better! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Virgin, that’s great to hear! One more related question: as a Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop owner, how will my licensing be affected with these future versions? Will I be able to use the browser-based version under my current license? Will I be able to use the new 2018 desktop version when it’s out? Thanks!


Hey @simpsondesign. :slight_smile:

Mockups for Desktop will be getting the native treatment as well! While we don’t have a specific date for that, we expect to release it next year. We are going to do our best to give discounts to existing license holders.

Because Balsamiq Cloud is a separate product, your Mockups 3 for Desktop license cannot be used on it.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Any news on the beta version ? Did it ever come out? When will it be ready ?


Hi @sunny5055 and thanks for checking on this.

The private beta for our new web version has started and we’re getting close to the official release. In case you didn’t receive an invite yet, please send us an email to and we’ll get you there.


Oh! Thanks for the update I am waiting for Mac version :slight_smile:


Added your email to the waiting list for our upcoming native Mac version. :slight_smile:

No precise date yet but we expect this version to come out in 2018, as detailed here.