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Can you Flip a checkbox so that the text is to the right of the box instead of the left


Can I change the way the text box displays. The default is checkbox the test (:ballot_box_with_check: Checkbox). I would like to have it Text the checkbox.(Checkbox: :ballot_box_with_check:). Can this be done?


Hey, @tewellt. Great question, my friend.

There isn’t a way to do this with the Checkbox control, but you can use a label and icon to create what you’re looking for.


If you copy the code below, go to Project > Import > Mockup JSON, and paste it, it will add this control to your project. You can either duplicate it or create a symbol.

{"mockup":{"controls":{"control":[{"ID":"5","children":{"controls":{"control":[{"ID":"0","measuredH":"21","measuredW":"65","properties":{"text":"Checkbox: "},"typeID":"Label","x":"0","y":"0","zOrder":"0"},{"ID":"1","measuredH":"16","measuredW":"16","properties":{"icon":{"ID":"check-square-o","size":"xsmall"}},"typeID":"Icon","x":"63","y":"2","zOrder":"1"}]}},"h":"21","measuredH":"21","measuredW":"79","typeID":"__group__","w":"79","x":"214","y":"255","zOrder":"0"}]},"measuredH":"276","measuredW":"293","mockupH":"21","mockupW":"79","version":"1.0"}} 

Let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:


There is not a path Projects> import > Mockup JSON I only have Projects> import > Mockup XML


Seems you are using an older version of Mockups?
May you have a look at for a newer version…

or just built it your own, it is basically a “label and icon” widget.
I would use a checkbox with a label containig just " " and an additional label but of course this is up to you :slight_smile:


Yep, as @heringsfilet pointed out, it sounds like you’re on an old version of Mockups (or myBalsamiq, which uses our older editor).

Here is the XML you can import. Just open it in a text editor (like TextEdit or Notepad) and copy the contents into the XML importer. Flipped Combo Box.bmml (986 Bytes)