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Can you get the permalink in Edit mode in mybalsamiq


Hi all

As we paste the permalinks into specification documents for customers, I think
it would be much quicker that when you are in Edit mode with all the wireframes listed
down the right hand side to be able to dropdown and get the permalink
right there. (i.e. add Permalink to the click menu that drops down on each mockup which is Rename, Delete, Clone)

Unless (I hope) I simply haven’t seen it elsewhere, it would appear
you have to be looking at the projects folder view (before Edit) which means
each graphic has to be loaded before you can get the permalink from the permalink button

Thanks Tony.


Hey Tony :slight_smile:

Right now, the way permalinks work is that the link is generated after the image preview is generated (that’s why the permalink isn’t available while the preview is generating). That means sharing permalinks from inside the editor (which exists outside the preview generation process) isn’t possible with the current set up.

That being said, I wonder if this is something we can do. I’ll pass it along and see if it’s possible. It would definitely streamline the sharing process.

Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestion with us. Please don’t hesitate to send any others our way!