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Can you make elements appear in the same spot on every page?

Instead of copy+pasting the universal navigation and footer onto every page of a wireframe doc every time I update it, is there a way to make those changes instantly propagate over all of the pages? Sorry for the dumb question; I can’t remember what the whole concept is called.

Thanks for your help

There isn’t a great way to do this on existing pages, @Elric, and I’m sorry about.

For future wireframes, what I would do is turn the navigation and footer into two symbols. Then I would place those symbols on a blank wireframe, which I could use as a template for any new wireframes in the project. (You can duplicate wireframes from the navigator panel.)

For existing wireframes, however, you will have to manually place the two symbols that you created above. I’m sorry about.

Let me know if that helps!

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That helps a lot. Thank you!

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