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Can you proportionally resize a group that contains objects, icons and text?


Hi, I have a group of stacked and spaced buttons that I created which is made up of rectangle containers, icons and text. I would like to scale the group downward in size while keeping the components of the group’s relative positioning and spacing intact. Is this currently possible? I searched the forum and docs but didn’t come across any way to do it. Doesn’t seem possible if I convert the group to a symbol either.

If not currently possible is this something that could be added in the future? Thanks!



Hi @joem,

You should be able to resize them this way by resizing the group (or the selection), but you have to really fine tune it. We’ve been discussing ways to improve group resizing and make it more precise. I’ve added your vote for this feature and we’ll discuss it more with the team.

Thanks for sharing your need on this one, Joe! :slight_smile:


Hi Virgin, thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Whether grouped or ungrouped, it looks like only the rectangles scale while the icons and text do not. I’m uploading 3 screenshots for reference. Screenshot one shows the original group prior to resizing. Screenshot 2 shows how the rectangles are scaling while the icons and text are not being effected. Screenshot 3 shows the same results happening with the grouping removed for all and all components selected.

Either way it looks like only Mockups objects will scale. Text and icons do not scale whether in a group or ungrouped. Obviously it would be great is scaling would work for all components. Hopefully you guys can add this feature. It would be a big help. Thanks! JoeM


Totally get your point here @joem. I’ve added your comments to the related thread and we’ll continue to discuss it.

Thanks for sharing the detailed screenshots.