Cannot de-select items

I cannot replicate this bug, so I’m really just posting this to see if anyone else has experienced it and has a fix!

Sometimes when I have items selected I cannot de-select them very easily. If I click on a blank space in the mockup it does not de-select the item.

I noticed this had been reported before in May, but this was reported fixed after an update. However, I’m using the latest version and am still seeing this bug.

I’m running Windows 7, and it could be this is related to an issue in Windows where a keyboard key is thought to be held down by the OS, even though it’s not. But that’s only a guess.

To be clear this is not constant, and restarting Mockups 3 fixes it.


It’s usually better to depend on keyboard shortcuts for these kind of commands (CTRL+Shift+A in this instance, if I am not mistaken).

I can appreciate that you are probably inclined to use the method you’ve mentioned above, due to it being either a preference or habit, though if the problem persists, you may try the shortcut and it should alleviate some of the frustration.


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Thanks Ulrich - I’ll try using the “Select None” shortcut next time the bug occurs, to see if that helps.

Obviously it would be ideal if Balsamiq would fix the bug, however! I’d rather not fall back on using a workaround (The keyboard shortcut) any time I encounter this problem.


I’ve just experienced the problem again, and both Ctrl+Shift+A and clicking “Edit” and then clicking “Select None” did NOT de-select the item.

For whoever at Balsamiq reads this: I did notice that Mockups 3 was stuttering/being unresponsive for about three seconds before this issue kicked in, this time. So it seems it starts having a problem with something, slows down, speeds up again, but not being able to de-select things is a side-effect.

Hi @ahobday,

Sorry to hear you’ve hit this snag again!

This sounds like a broken state (Balsamiq Mockups 3 seems to be unresponsive on your end), have you tried to restart the app when that occurs?

Would you mind sending the BMPR file on which you’ve hit the issue to so we can try to reproduce it here (last steps performed before the bug would be also very helpful)? We will keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to reproduce and try to debug your file.

We will do our best to help you! :smile:

Thanks Virgin. I’ve since changed the BMPR file around that it was occurring with, so I don’t know how useful it will be?

Also it’s been about an hour since it happened, so remember the steps I took would be difficult!

Next time it happens I’ll save out a copy of the project, write down the steps I took, and send them over to the email address. It seems to happen once every few days.

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