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Cannot Find a Stacked Menu Control



Just starting with Balsamiq. I cannot find the menu control that looks like the one to the right of the search icon on this page “Balsamiq Community Discussion”. It is represented by 3 stacked horizontal bars.

Thanks for showing me where its hiding…



Here is a picture of it. I need it for mobile…



Hi @stanlyn,

Thanks for the post and apologies for the troubling finding a control here.

I believe the control you’re looking for is ‘Bars’. You can add it most easily by just typing ‘Bars’ into the Quick Add box towards the top right of the screen.

Please check that out and get back to me with any issues arising, ok?

All the best,




That gets an icon and not a menu… I’m looking for the menu that looks like that, but with linking actions much that same way that menu bars has.



From the main panel, I want to add this menu to display shortcuts to all the other panels without taking up all the panel space that the menu bar does. The icon only allows for a single action.


Any ideas?


Hi there,

Apologies @stanlyn - I thought you were just looking for a control that looked like that.

We don’t have a control which does exactly what you need but you could create the same effect by adding the ‘bars’ control to the canvas then overlaying it with a transparent square (the ‘Shape’ control) the same size which has a link. For added convenience and reuse, you could group the controls and make them into a symbol.

I’ve attached a project file to this message containing just such a symbol so you can see if it will work for you.

All the best,


bars.bmpr (17 KB)


Hi Alasdair,

Thanks for your fast answers… Any idea when this control will make it into the product as a native Balsamiq control, since it’s used in lots of apps now?

I will look into the project you sent.



Hi @stanlyn and sorry for the confusion.

Our little tool which has low interactivity on purpose, as detailed here.

To demonstrate this, the Linking feature would be the best way but you will need to create one wireframe for each “state” you’d like to demonstrate. See an example below:

Hope this helps! Any questions, we’re here. :slight_smile:


HI @stanlyn,

I fear my earlier answer was a little confusing as I was over-thinking. The ‘Icon’ control supports Linking by default so you can just add that control and use the built-in ‘Links’ property to create the interaction per Virgin’s post.

Sorry for the confusion,