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Cannot get working Balsamiq new installation : No macro metadata



I want to try balsamiq with Confluence Cloud but after isntallation I got an error :

No macro metadata
There is no metadata configured for this macro which means no configuration screen can be presented here.

If this is a user macro then you can add metadata to the template using the User Macro Administration console.

I need to configure something before using the addons first time ?

Patrick Poulin


Hi @Patrick_Poulin,

Thanks for the post ands sorry for the problem so early here! Let’s get to the bottom of this.

The error is not necessarily specific to the Balsamiq Wireframes integration so can I direct you first to some Atlassian documentation with a couple of things to try: ‘No Macro Metadata’ errors

Can you also, just as a test, try logging into Confluence using a different browser than your default/preferred browser. Log in and try to add a Balsamiq Wireframes macro to a page and let me know if the problem persists when you’re using a different browser?

We’ll stand by for your response, Patrick, and go from there.



thanks for your help

I try with Chrome and firefox and I got exactly the same issue


My OS is Ubuntu 18.04

THanks again for your support.

Patrick Poulin


Thank you @Patrick_Poulin.

Were you able to review the Atlassian guidance (‘No Macro Metadata’ errors), in particular the part about ‘Plugin Safe Mode’?



If I understand, I need to run into safe mode, and disable/enable each plugin one by one, to discover the plugin combination that reproduce the error ?

My system is live (cloud), and I have a lot of user working on the system 24h/day, I cannot disable plugin on my live system ?

I think I should enable a sandbox, (new cloud instance) and reinstall the same plugins configuration and try to reproduce the issue.

Patrick Poulin


Hi @Patrick_Poulin, That would certainly be helpful - let us know what happens and we’ll keep this moving forward, ok?