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Cannot navigate through screens when viewing in a Confluence page


I’m having a problem with the Balsamiq plugin for Confluence. When I’m viewing one specific page in Confluence, my Balsamiq mockup doesn’t display the upper meny bar options that are normally there (the arrows to change screens, the configuration button, etc.), I can only view the first mockup screen and the only available option in the upper menu bar is the button to view in full screen. I cannot click on the links in my mockup and I cannot navigate through the mockup screens. I don’t understand what happened or how I can fix this. The rest of my Confluence pages don’t show this problem. Thanks in advance!


That’s really weird, @Sebastian_Soriano.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to move this to email so that we can dig deeper.

I’m more than happy to reach out to the email you registered with here if you would like. Otherwise, shoot me an email and we will get to work.

I’m sorry for the trouble, Sebastian. We will do everything we can to get it sorted!


You can reach out to the email I registered with. Thanks a lot!

I just found this topic where someone asked something similar: Navigation Bar buttons missing?

I believe I am using Mockups 3, so maybe that explains why the navigation buttons are missing. However, I still can’t use the links in the mockups when viewing in a Confluence page (unless I view in full screen mode). I hope there is a way to fix this.


Are you on Confluence Cloud or Confluence Server, @Sebastian_Soriano?

The easiest way to tell is if the web address ends in, that’s Confluence Cloud. Any other domain and it’s Confluence Server.

We haven’t issued the Mockups 3 update for Confluence Server yet, which would explain both of your issues. That update is coming very soon, though.


It would be Confluence Server then. It’s weird cause I already see the new
navigation bar, but the links don’t work. Is there anything else I could do
(besides waiting for the update) to get the links to work? Thanks again :slight_smile:


That’s strange, Sebastian. I’m going to reach out privately now, just to clarify some things. They may have added more domains to their cloud platform that I wasn’t aware of.