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Cannot rename or delete files



I need to rename some files and delete some but these options are greyed out for me. Please could you let me know how I can do this thanks


Hey @Mel50

It sounds like you’re using myBalsamiq. Is that correct?

If so, click the “Save” button on the top left of the editor. Once the project is saved, you should be able to rename and delete any of the mockups in the project.

Let me know if that doesn’t solve the problem, and I’m sorry for any hassle it has caused you. :slight_smile:


Thanks Brendan. That has fixed it. Thanks for your quick response.

I have another question please - I need users to test the wireframes but they don’t have access to balsamiq. How can I test them please? I can only see how to export as xml. Also, I have set links in each wireframe so that various bits link to other wireframes in the project, but when I click on the links they don’t work - how can I fix this please?




Just an update - found a thread on this. Seems I have to close the project to export as png which I have done. This seems a bit odd that I can’t do it from within the project. Also, I can’t find an option to export as a pdf. I can see on an old thread from 2015 that you hoped to add this function to my balsamiq web version. Will you still be doing that? I don’t understand why the web and desktop version do different things - why is that?



That is a feature that is coming to the next generation of our web app, @Mel50, which is currently in beta.

We released Mockups 3 for Desktop back in 2015, and have spent all the time since then building the next generation of myBalsamiq. It will have all the Desktop features (and then some).

One thing that may help you now is the Prototype Link. You can send that to your users, and that will allow them to click through your mockups, without worrying about them changing anything.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile: