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"Cannot Save" Error


Multiple times a day, I save my Balsamiq file to my Google Drive and I get a “cannot save” error. This is because your app DELETES the file on my Google Drive and then tries to save a new file. Because Google Drive instantly syncs, as soon as your app deletes the file, Google deletes the file and then syncs.

This causes the error. This causes me to want to drown puppies (in the nicest way possible).

< frustrated snark for which I apologize in advance>
After having read about many other users with the same issue, you will likely tell me the following:

  1. How golly gosh darn sorry you are I (and apparently hundreds of others) are experiencing this issue.
  2. How this is big bad GOOGLE’s fault for accurately syncing your files when your app deletes them.
  3. But everything is springtime fresh because all I have to do is SAVE IT TO A NEW FILE NAME (which leaves me with dozens and dozens of awesomely useful and not at all chaotic iterative versions of the file)
  4. Just switch to our super awesome Balsamiq Cloud so we never have to fix your issue.
    </frustrated snark for which I apologize in advance>

But seriously folks, this issue dramatically reduces my productivity to the point that I am actively shopping for a replacement.


I’m really sorry for this, @AtWork. I want you to know that we hear your frustration, and totally echo it.

The reason that Mockups 3 for Desktop deletes your file and re-saves it is because the file is an SQLite database. Maintaining an open connection with the database would actually cause more problems - if Google Drive/Dropbox/OneDrive locked the file to sync while we were writing to it, it would corrupt the entire file.

We have looked into somehow hooked into the sync service to say “hey, don’t sync this yet, we are working on it”, but there wasn’t a way to do that. In fact, Microsoft had to partner with Dropbox in order to stop the same thing from happening to their Office Documents in Dropbox. We just aren’t big enough to make this happen (both from a time perspective, and an attention perspective).

We are automatically saving to an internal backup file, so you should feel comfortable not saving regularly, and then saving the file to your desktop when you’re done. When you’re done working for the day, you can move it to your Google Drive folder, and allow it to sync.

We know that is not a great workaround, and I’m sorry about that.

Frankly, we are sorry that this has been such a problem, my friend. We run into the same issue from time to time, and it is a pain. We wish we could do something better here.