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Cannot save, export, etc. and workaround doesn't work

I’ve seen the Catalina OS issue here and workaround with saving to a local file. That doesn’t work for me. Suddenly with no warning (after using Balsamiq nearly daily), midday, this issue started on me today. I upgraded to Catalina months ago.

Please help. Balsamiq is currently totally useless to me. Specific issue is that after opening any file (including new files) I am unable to export to pdf, save, save as, etc. Doesn’t matter what target drive I have selected. As soon as I click save or cancel the dialogue just hangs and freezes. If I navigate away from the Balsamiq window, then return, the dialogue is interactive again, but as soon as I click save or cancel it hangs.

Yikes, I’m sorry @dharmalarm.

Does it freeze even if you try to save to the desktop? If so, can you try to reboot your machine, and see if that helps?

We haven’t yet run into a situation where someone cannot save/export at all, and I’m hoping this doesn’t mean that the problem has gotten worse. Please try rebooting and saving the desktop, and let me know.

I have tried restarting everything and saving to the desktop. Here’s the thing, it’s hanging even if the only thing I click is cancel.

And that persists through restart, @dharmalarm?

Yes it does

Ok, let’s try this:

Head to the app’s Local Storage Folder and delete the MockupsSettings.db file there. Restart Mockups and see if that allows you to export.

Yep, did that already as I saw it suggested in another thread. After restarting it does the same.

Ok, can you send the project file to I’d like to see if we can reproduce with that file.

Hello - I’m having this problem as well.

Was there a fix or workaround for this?

Thank you

Hey Nick,

I am assuming you’re on macOS Catalina as well? If so, would you mind trying this beta version of the app and see if the problem persists?

We had it pinned in the forums…but now I cannot find the post. You try that version, and I will try to figure out what happened to our beta post. :slight_smile:

Edit: Ahh there it is. I need more coffee :slight_smile:


That didn’t work for me. This is the version it says I’m using…

Balsamiq Mockups
Version: 999.999 - dd
Adobe Air Player Version: MAC 33,1,1,259

Do you have an online BMPR > PDF service that we can use and perhaps shows you an error log?

The same thing is happening though, the Export to PDF dialog is freezing up when you click Save or Cancel. Switching away and back to Balsamiq brings the dialog back to life but it’s still stuck as you can’t cancel the dialog either. Pressing the [New Folder] button does create a New Folder.


Hi @nmiddleweek and thanks for trying that newer version.

Just wondering, have you tried to save or export to a different location (local folder on your machine)?
It usually solves the issue so it might be worth a try.

If the issue persists, please send us an email to and we’ll take it from there. We’ll do everything we can to help!