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Cannot see picture when not logged in


As user and not logged in I expected to see the Balsamiq but gets a Error message.
I found this page which tell me the following:
Only assigned, licensed editors can create and edit wireframes, but all users in your Confluence or Jira server instance will be able to view wireframes for free.

Does anybody have any idéa?


Hi @karl.johan.petersson and sorry for the hassle with this.

It sounds like your using Balsamiq Wireframes for Confluence Server, correct?
We’ve just checked and Confluence pages with Public access should allow seeing your Balsamiq macro(s) indeed (unless some specific rules are set up).

That being said, we recently fixed a related bug so it could be that you’re using an old version of the add-on. Could you please check with your admin that the latest version (4.0.65, available here) is installed?

If the issue persists, please send us an email to and we’ll dig deeper!


Yes its for Confluence Server, and we are using Version:
4.0.56 at the moment.

I could not find a guide for installing without Connection to market Place. I tries upload the obr file but gets an error. Should I first remove current installation?


I removed the add on and uploaded the obr file and it worked :slight_smile:


I was going to suggest to update through the Marketplace directly but good to hear that you sorted it out. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Company security allows no applications go outside intranet. Any way it worked in same way as Structure for Jira.