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Cannot select the next mockup in the navigator pane


In the mockups navigation pane I am unable to select the mockup directly after the currently selected mockup. For example, if the first mockup in the list is currently selected, I cannot use the keyboard arrow keys OR click on the second mockup in the list. I can go to ANY OTHER mockup, just not the mockup directly following the currently selected mockup.

Extremely annoying issue that causing major productivity issues with my job.
I have upgraded to the latest version, but am still experiencing this.


Hi @jeff.pierce,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve seen this before and I know it must be frustrating.

It seems to be indicative of an issue in the underlying framework we use for the desktop apps - Adobe Air. Longer term, the issue will be resolved as we’re currently working on new versions of the desktop apps which no longer use that framework and those will be shipped later this year.

But I know that doesn’t help you short-term. The issue is generally resolved by simply restarting the application. It is a slight burden but it should only take a second or two and tends to resolve the incident. The problem has been made hard for us to diagnose and fix as it seems quite random with our own inability to reproduce it and many users never experiencing it at all.

Would you like to try out the latest version of our app - Balsamiq Cloud and see how that works for you? I’d be happy to set you up with an extended trial. Just let me know.


I’ve been having the same issue across multiple mockups and over multiple releases of Balsamiq, and it’s extremely annoying. It’s an ongoing issue that never seems to be resolved.


Really sorry for the trouble here @terabyte240. Just to be sure, are you on the most up-to-date version of the app (3.5.15)? We thought we got rid of almost all the causes of this, but it can still happen in some projects (but should be fixed by a restart).

Let me know if you’re on the most up-to-date version and we will go from there.


Yup. 3.5.15. Restart fixes it temporarily but that’s duct tape on a bumper if you catch my meaning.



If you can reproduce it with some regularity, we’d love to chat over email (and take a peek at the project). There is a nasty navigator bug that we have been hunting for a while, but could never reproduce reliably - it’s very elusive. We’d love a chance to get that one fixed.


Oh showing it to you won’t be difficult for me – I get this issue constantly. I just restarted a few minutes ago so it’s working ok at the moment, but next time it rears its ugly head you’ll be the first to know.


I have the same issue, please look at the GIF.
It’s annoying, but I DON’T want you to fix it in 3.5.16 version. I just NEED Balsamiq Desktop 4! :rofl:


We want it too, Alexey. Its coming!

Would you be able to send us that file? I’ll get @Florian_Brauer to poke at it.


Hi @Brendan,

Glad to hear you ). I’ve sent the file, but the issue doesn’t relate to that particular file. I faced the same problem with other files as well.

The issue occurs after some time passed while working in Balsamiq.


Hi @Brendan - I have a document it’s happening with right now as well. I promised to let you know as soon as it happened. So annoying!!


Ugh, I’m sorry @terabyte240. Is it persisting through restarts?


Hi @terabyte240,

When the mockup doesn’t switch on click in the nav panel, try to click on the current mockup and then click on the target mockup again. So your flow will look like:

  1. Click on the target mockup in the nav panel, system doesn’t switch to it
  2. Click on the current (or any other) mockup in the nav panel
  3. Click on the target mockup again. System switches the mockup

Please let me know, if it works for you.


Hasn’t yet persisted through restart, but as I said before, it’s a temporary fix and usually happens again. Duct tape on a bumper.


I really wish there were a better solution. The new version of the app will give us greater control over stuff like this. For now, until we can reliably reproduce it, restarting is the only recourse we have.

I’m really sorry about that, @terabyte240. I know it’s super frustrating. It won’t be this bad for much longer.