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Cannot type spanish chars with accents (áéíóú)

Hi there! I downloaded a trial version of Wireframes and I cannot use spanish chars with accent like á, é, í, ó, ú. The text and combos appears like ''a insted of á. ¿Is there any parameter o keyboard setup to allow type spanish chars? Please, don’t tell me that I have to use ALT-160 for á or copy text from notepad… please
Thanks in advance!

Hello @KYSYAX and welcome to the forum,

Thanks for this post. Can you tell me a little about your setup - are you on macOS or Windows? And what is your physical keyboard - is it a Spanish layout?

Hi Alasdir! Mi laptop is runing Windows 10 and my keyboard is Spanish / Latin American (with “ñ”). Thanks for responding

Thanks for getting back to us @KYSYAX. Which version of Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop do you have installed (via the menu: Help > About Balsamiq Wireframes)?

Version 4.0.25

Thank @KYSYAX.

4.0.25 is a little out of date (it was released almost a full year ago). Would you mind updating to the latest version for Windows (4.2.1) and let us know if the issue persists? You can always grab the latest version at: Balsamiq for Desktop - Fast, Powerful, Offline Wireframing | Balsamiq

A new feature that should help keep you up to date is the auto-update feature, introduced in version 4.1.x. Once you get updated we’ll also notify you of updates automatically, if you wish.