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Cannot use Presentation Mode?


Hi all

Think this will be an obvious one, but I can’t seem to launch my mockup in presentation mode. It seems to get “stuck” halfway through rendering the full screen mode and I end up with something that looks like the main screen with my mouse disappearing as a scroll to the main panel. Perhaps I don’t have the right versions of the underlying software?

Version: 3.5.15 - 10/16/2017 14:51
Adobe Air Player Version: WIN 28,0,0,126
Windows 10, 64bit



Hi @richpugh and sorry for the hassle.

It looks like you’re on the latest version and the Presentation mode seems to behave fine in Windows 10 on my end. Would you mind sharing a screenshot (or even better a screencast of the issue)?

Feel free to send it via if that’s better for you.

We’ll get to the bottom of it! :slight_smile: