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Can't abandon posts


I wrote a post and noticed that there is a similar topic so I just wrote a reply.
Everytime I get to my old draft of the topic appears. I can hit cancel and abandon the post but this has no effect. (deleting cookies doesn’t help, too)
Does someone have similar issues with this forum?


Hi @heringsfilet - interesting! I just tried to make it happen but it didn’t do it for me. Reloading the page made the draft disappear. I also searched the forums but couldn’t find something like it. Maybe you could post there? - Discourse is what we use for the forums.


As I wrote this new post my problem is gone :smile:
I will contact discourse directly if it happens again. Thanks…


@heringsfilet I’ve had this too on a couple of occasions - thanks @peldi for the link to report to Discourse, I will do if it happens again!