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Can't add/edit mockups in Confluence Cloud


I’m using the Balsamiq Mockups plugin for Confluence Cloud. When I add a new Balsamiq macro and then choose Edit, I get a blank grey page which eventually comes up with a hyperlink in the top left corner saying “Flash player 10 or higher required”

I get the same thing if I try to edit existing mockups that I’ve added previously (some weeks ago).


Sorry about the trouble here, @Anthony. If you have Flash installed (or use a browser with Flash built-in like Google Chrome), I bet that it has been disabled in a recent update.

I’m not sure what browser you are using, so here is how to enable Flash in most major browsers.

Internet Explorer:




Let me know if that helps, Anthony. I’m sorry again for the trouble.


Thanks Brendan, that’s sorted it out – much appreciated.



Hi Brendan,
I’m having trouble editing mockups in Confluence using the Altasian Cloud.

I added multiple mockups to my project and saving them. When I went to publish, the new mockups did not appear - just the old ones.

When i clicked to Edit the mockups, I was taken to an empty page instead.

Can you or anyone at Balsamiq help?



Hey Mario,

I just replied to your email, but I wanted to post here in case you saw this first.

For everyone else: We are having an issue with one of our backend servers and it’s gumming up the works in some of our apps. If you’re having trouble, please get in touch and we will set you up with a desktop version of the app so that you can continue working.


Hi Brenda,

i have been trying for the past hour to edit my mockups on Confluence. Every time i click on them to edit… the page opens with no mock ups appearing. I have tried to go back to the main page where i see them all… but as soon as i try to edit, I can’t.


Hey Mario,

Are you still having issues? If so, would you mind clearing your browser cache and trying again?



Yes I’m still having he problem. Spent the whole day yesterday (and many hours over the weekend), cleared caches etc and it just not seem to work. The page is blank every time i click to edit

Our project is stuck now and we need to get moving - how can do that?


Ugh @Mario_Maia - I am so sorry you’re continuing to have an issue here. I know it must be frustrating.

Do you know how to bring up the DevTools console in your browser? if so, can you bring it up and let me know if you’re seeing any errors in the console?


Hi Alasdair,

Not I don’t. I’m using it on Confluence.

Let me know how and i will check it.


Hello again @Mario_Maia,

It’s not hard to do but I need to know which browser you’re using? Let me know and I’ll explain.


Im using Chrome on my MacPro


Hi @Mario_Maia,

You can bring up the console by choosing More Tools -> Developer Tools from the Chrome 3-dot menu:

Then, when the Developer Tools window appears, click the “Console” tab:

Next, navigate to the page in Confluence containing your Balsamiq project, edit the page and try to edit the project. Don’t worry about any messages which appear in the Console window. Just get to the point where you’re in your project and the screen is blank.

You can then right-click in the Console window and use “Save as” to save the contents of that window in a text file. Once that’s done can you email it as an attachment to and we’ll examine it.

I know this is fiddly and a little inconvenient, Mario. if it would be easier for you to set up a screen share and have me remote-in and run through this for you, I’d be happy to schedule a call. Let me know.


Hi Alasdair,

can we do a call now? I can send screenshots but i really need this working asap as we have had already many issues with Balsamiq and its costing a lot of valuable time we do not have to waste. We have lost 3-4 days because of Balsamiq already given all the issues we faced. Frustrating.