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Can't find my mockups


I copy paste a folder that contained a bunch of mockups created using Balsamiq 2. Then created a project and imported those mocks into it. After a while, it seems that I cannot find the mocks that I see in the application on the hard disk. They are just not there (searching by the mock name as it appears in Balsamiq).

Also, when exporting mocks to png - the result doesn’t match the list of mocks I see in Balsamiq.



Hi @Dinka

With version 3 we introduced a new file format. This format combines several mockup files into one. This is the reason why you only have one file instead of several.
In the title bar of the application window we show the path where the file is stored. If you see a “[-]” in the title bar then you have not saved the project to a specific location yet.

The new file format has also a new suffix. It is .bmpr.

Regarding the export of pngs do you have alternates? Because they did not get included in the export all mockups to png in version 3.1.1 and 3.1.2. In version 3.1.3 we include the alternates.


The problem got fixed after I downloaded the new version just released.