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Can't find the View > Graph Paper option in Balsamiqs 4

Doesn’t seem to be around, like in Mockups 3.

Hi Colin, we removed the Graph Paper option from Wireframes, for simplicity and to further stress that Wireframes is not about straight lines and pixel perfect designs.

We plan to improve our snap lines feature to allow you to line things up on a grid inside a browser or a container.

In the meantime, I am attaching a screenshot of the old grid, to use as a workaround. You can add it to your project, send it to back and lock it. Hope it helps.

Thanks for attaching the workaround - should work fine for me.

However - one of the great features of the “Graph Paper” was making it really easy to differentiate “white screens” from “empty space”.

Functionality to set the canvas colour to #F0F0F0 or the like would also help serve similar functionality to having the actual gridlines or dot grids etc.

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Interesting…you could also use a borderless Rectangle control with a fill color…again sent to back and locked.

But I’ll consider the “change background color” feature…thanks Colin!