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Can't find the View > Graph Paper option in Balsamiqs 4

Doesn’t seem to be around, like in Mockups 3.

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Hi Colin, we removed the Graph Paper option from Wireframes, for simplicity and to further stress that Wireframes is not about straight lines and pixel perfect designs.

We plan to improve our snap lines feature to allow you to line things up on a grid inside a browser or a container.

In the meantime, I am attaching a screenshot of the old grid, to use as a workaround. You can add it to your project, send it to back and lock it. Hope it helps.

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Thanks for attaching the workaround - should work fine for me.

However - one of the great features of the “Graph Paper” was making it really easy to differentiate “white screens” from “empty space”.

Functionality to set the canvas colour to #F0F0F0 or the like would also help serve similar functionality to having the actual gridlines or dot grids etc.


Interesting…you could also use a borderless Rectangle control with a fill color…again sent to back and locked.

But I’ll consider the “change background color” feature…thanks Colin!

Agreed, the white on white is challenging … the graph background helped me distinguish. I wish I could change the background to an off-white color

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We have a story for that too, @Majid_Hashemi. I have added your comments :slight_smile:

Ah damn. This was a really good feature. Even that wireframes are not “about straight lines”, having something straight allows me to focus on the other important things. Now I have to spend extra time to snap things to be symmetrical.

I’m sorry about that, @PET. Does the grid wallpaper that Peldi posted help at all? You can put that on your canvas first, and then wireframe over it.

I just installed Balsamiq 4 and also miss the graph paper.

Like Colin said, it helps to see if the white on the screen is whitespace in the my mockup or background that isn’t used so far.

It also added to the feeling of doing paper prototyping instead of working on a computer. I never used the grid for pixel perfection or to align stuff. It always gave me the feeling of drawing in a notepad, trying out different ideas.

A graph paper as a background wouldn’t help because then I would have to add this graph paper as a background to all my mockups forever. This would be tedious.


I too miss the graph paper background. The white on white is challenging and even though wireframing is not about pixel perfect alignment, the grid helped with space considerations. The background image supplied above will be useful, but it’s not the same. Could it be included as an optional feature for those of us who miss it and relied on it? Thanks!

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I’ve just come back to Balsamiq and spent that last 20 minutes trying to find how to enable the graph paper background as I found this really useful.
It doesn’t make sense for you to have removed the feature that people use. You could have changed the default to a white background and put in a toggle for the graph background. It is really frustrating that we now have to manually add a graph background to our templates.

Hi @Mal_bordus and sorry for the frustration with this one.

I’ll definitely add your vote for adding that one back as an option so we can talk about it more.

We’ll be here if you need anything else.

I too would love to have the graph paper background back. I really dislike when my wireframes go all skew-wise as I work down the page. I know it’s not about being pixel perfect, but being able to be ordered and true to the available space is useful.
The background image is a good idea, but I frequently wireframe super long pages and would have to keep pasting or moving the background.

Hi @frankiep and welcome to the forums!

I have added your vote in support to our tracking. Thanks for letting us know - it’s much appreciated.

Yes please. I installed V4 today and the first thing I was missing is the graph paper. I hope we get it back soon.

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+1 for the adding back of the graph paper.

Sorry, it’s just what I’m (and it seems like many others) are used to.

Want it so badly I even created an account on this forum just to ask that. Hah!

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+1 for the return of the graph paper. Like stated before, I just switched from Version 3 and spent time searching for the option. It helps me a lot distinguish between white and empty space.


+1 more for having the graph paper back. It wasn’t about trying to get pixel perfect alignment but helping in spacing stuff out and knowing the difference between white space and background. Please bring it back, I also only created a forum account to ask for this back after spending 10 minutes looking for it. Having to copy and paste in graph image that doesn’t extend to the edges of the canvas is tedious (as mentioned above) and feels like a step back.


+1 more for having the graph paper back.

All our mockups are now much more unreadable due to the removal of this feature.

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