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Can't find the View > Graph Paper option in Balsamiqs 4

Hi @inatmo and sorry for the frustration with this one.

I’ve added your vote for bringing back this feature. In case the workaround (of using the image of a graph paper background) does do it for you and you’d like to keep using Mockups 3 instead, please get in touch via and we’ll help with that.

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Yes! Please bring back graph paper. I don’t understand the downside of offering an option that was available before and that people clearly use.

Since this thread is over a year old, I’m assuming this won’t happen, so I’d like to be contacted to revert back to a previous version please. Thanks!


We never say never around here, @eva. Every feature is one good discussion from implementation. I’ll +1 the story with your comments.

You can download Version 3 here, but do keep in mind that it is no longer supported. We will still try to troubleshoot any issues you have, but we aren’t able to issue updates anymore for it.

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+1 more for having the graph paper back.

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+1 for the graph back as well. Updated just today and spent a good amount of time just to be disappointed that you guys got rid of it. I love balsamiq to death, please bring it back!

I use balsamiq for game development, and the grid was particularly useful for level design sketching. Grids are extremely useful for gauging space, ratios, etc…

The workaround suggested is very clunky, and messes with things like zooming options.

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