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Can't open my project. Just updated balsamiq on a mac

I just ran the update for Balsamiq and now my project doesn’t open. I only get a blank page. Please help.

Hi @lmkahn, Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum!

So sorry for the problem here - can you tell me a little bit about what you were doing leading up to this? Was your project saved with known name to a known folder on your Mac? i.e. had you explicitly saved the project using File > Save Project... or File > Save Project As... ?

Were you previously using Mockups 3 and now you’ve updated to Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop?

If you can start by answering these few questions, we’ll go from there and track down your project.

Hi Alasdair,
I had explicitly saved the project, and it also autosaved. I was using Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop, and that was an update for that version.

I just quit Balsamiq and opened it again. My mockup showed up.

I guess it just needed to be restarted.

Hello again @lmkahn. Great - thanks for letting me know.

We do keep a hidden backup of projects just in case: Backups and The Support Folder but, as with any application, it’s not a bad idea to also make a redundant copy somewhere occasionally in the event of an unforeseen issue.

No matter, sounds like you are all set so all the best and happy wireframing!