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Can't replace the text on duplicated text field


Dragging a text from UI Library to the canvas, then filling it up with text works fine but then duplicating the exact same text field to write a different text doesn’t work. No matter how many times I try I can’t replace the text I duplicated from.

I have to close Balsamiq then start again to be able to replace the text on any text asset. I cleaned my cache, deleted cookies, logged out of my account but no luck.

Running latest MACOS Balsamiq web version on Chrome Version 75.0.3770.142

Any suggestions? it’s very frustrating


Hi @umutaydin and sorry for the trouble.

I’ve just tried to reproduce this issue in Balsamiq Cloud, our web version, but duplicating a Text control and editing its data works fine on my end.

Have you tried a different browser to see if it makes any difference?

Alternatively, you might want to try from an Incognito window in Chrome, with all the extensions disabled.

Please let us know if the issue persists and we’ll dig deeper!

Hi @Virgin thanks for getting back to me. I tried to replicate it on Firefox but looks like it’s only on Chrome. But there’s a lag on both.
I deleted chrome, cookies, browsing dat, tried on Incognito mode but still can’t replace the text when duplicating. I have to shut Balsamiq and re-start but then it happens again.

Thanks for the update @umutaydin. Could it be a browser extension that is causing the issue?

You can disable them all from chrome://extensions. Let us know if that makes any difference.

Hi @Brendan I disabled adblocker (it’s the only extension I have) still no luck, now it works after my 4th attempt. I recorded my screen but looks like I can’t upload here.
When I double click on the text or subtitle field to replace it highlights the whole field and if I type on top it doesn’t replace but if I delete the highlighted text and type my text it sometimes works, only 4th or 5th attempt tho!
Rest of my team doesn’t have this issue and they’re on sam OS and same chrome version. One person uses Safari and it’s fine.


What kind of mouse / keyboard are you using? Something Apple? Or a 3rd party like Logitech?

I use Apple mouse and Apple wireless keyboard.

Now I tried incognito with extensions disabled I can replace the text on my 2nd attempt, it’s an improvement!

When I say text this includes any type of text in the text library. I really don’t want to use other browser.

And the lag is killing me too.


EDIT: now I keep getting “Oops, something went wrong! Please [reload the project]” message at the bottom

Sounds like there is more going on here than just the text field issue.

Can you open up the Javascript Console in Chrome, play around with your project, and then send us a screenshot of any errors that show up in the console?

That may shed some more light on what’s going on here.

hope this helps @Brendan

That’s a new error. Let me chat with my dev team first thing in the morning and see if they have anything ideas. :slight_smile:

I’ll update you as soon as I have news.

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Awesome, thank you Brendan. Let me know if you need anything else from me. Look forward to hearing any updates.


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So that Chrome error has to do with mousewheel handling - which means it’s probably unrelated.

We are stumped here as well, @umutaydin. I wonder if we should try the age old “turn it off and turn it on again” method of tech support. Something weird is up, and a reboot may just clear it out.


Hi @Brendan thanks for getting back to me. So what’s a mousewheel handling mean?

So do you mean re-start the computer or the chrome?


Restart the whole computer.

We think the mousewheel error is unrelated (but it may be indicative of a larger issue - which we are hoping the reboot fixes).

I can replace the text when I duplicate now ,but the lag is still there. Let’s see how long this will last

thanks for your help.

I wonder if the lag isn’t a network issue since it shows up in Firefox too.

Very odd.

Is anyone else editing the wireframe that you’re working on while you work on it?