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Can't resize iOS time picker


Hello there,

I need an iOS time picker on my mockup screen but the default size is way too small. Now, I can’t resize it by stretching and can’t define the size in the properties panel (whatever I type, it gets back to default 214x160 while the position values can be changed easily). I’m using the desktop app.

It seems to me that there should be a way to adjust the size. Is there?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Tanya and sorry for the hassle with this control.

While it is not resizable for now, that is definitely something we are considering for the future. I’ve added your vote to help to prioritize the request.

Sorry that I don’t have an immediate solution for this one, Tanya. Let us know if you need anything else.


Hi @Virgin,

Thank you for your reply! Happy to know that this control will be improved in the future and looking forward to it. Balsamiq offers lots of tools, I’m sure I can think of some alternatives so it’s fine.

Thanks again!