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Can't save on v3.5.17

Hi, new to the forum but not to Balsamiq… love it !!!
Unfortunately I’m facing a new issue I never encountered before.
I have managed to create a handful of mockup files but if I try to ‘Save as’ to create a new project with same attributes or start a brand new project when I want to save it my screen freezes on the saving modal (see screenshot below).
Won’t let me click anywhere outside of the save modal. Doesn’t matter what name I give, I click on the ‘Save’ button but nothing happens…
the ‘Save’ button changes to blue as I hover over to signal active but nothing happens when I click it.
Clicking ‘Cancel’ doesn’t close that modal.
Only way out is by forcing to terminate Balsamiq through the task manager of mac OS.
Balsamiq version 3.5.17
on an iMac mac OS Catalina version 10.15.2

Note: auto-save works as normal…
I can use Balsamiq and all its functions as normal bar this issue

Wonder if my problem is the same as this one?

Ok did run some test and it is rather bizarre.
starting a new project I can save on ‘desktop’ and on ‘Documents’ folder (see arborescence below)

Root => Desktop
Root => Documents => mockups

But experience this frozen issue on saving problem when I tried to ‘Save as’ and change the entire name of the project… however it saves as normal if I change some character of the existing name (eg. name20 by name 30.bmpr)
Only way out then is to force quit Balsamiq through the ‘Force Quit Application’ function of mac OS

Hi @Gilbert and sorry for the trouble with this one.

As you suspected, this issue has been reported already and it affects some macOS Catalina users. It has to do with Adobe Air and affects multiple applications, including Mockups 3 for Desktop.

Trying to save to a different location (local folder on your machine) usually solves the issue indeed and I’ll share your report with our dev team.

We’re still waiting on a permanent fix for this one but Adobe Air support has recently migrated from Adobe to a new company (Harman) so we’re not sure when the issue will be addressed.

Sorry again for the hassle and please let us know if we can do anything else for you.

@Virgin Thank you for your response and explanation.
Yes please, feel free to pass on my experience to your dev team if it helps.

I have this workaround solution for now which is not ideal but a way to keep working so good but please keep us posted here once you have some update either good or not from that company about this fix.