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Can't update text


When I try to edit the text within an existing Text component, the changes are not always saved. This is sporadic in that it will work about 1/3 of the time. The other times, after I make text changes they simply are not saved after exiting the Text component.


Sorry about that, @Seth_Hildebrand.

Would you mind sharing more details about your steps?
Do you commit the text by pressing CTRL/CMD+ENTER?

I am not able to reproduce the issue here so maybe it’s related to one of your projects? Does the issue appear in a newly created project?


I cannot reproduce at the moment but it has happened several times over the past few days. Should it happen again, I’ll take a moment to illustrate my steps (using Loom).

I don’t understand your Ctrl+Enter comment. Using that key combo while editing text simply creates a new carriage return in my text editor window.


Sorry for the confusion, Seth.

For multi-line controls, CTRL/CMD+ENTER should be the right combination but your issue could be specific to the browser (and OS) you’re using. We’ll wait for you email and go from there.