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Can't use arrow links with Alt+Click normaly


Hi, all!
I created few mockups I used “Links” feature to connect 2 of them. After that, I tried to use “Alt+Click movie” on the arrow icon in the block to go to another mockup, but it is not working with a single click. Instead, I need to click 4-5 times in a row with ALT pressed on the arrow icon to actually redirect. In some cases- when after double-clicking edit screen opens I can’t use Alt+Click movie at all because cursor starts to work inside edit screen (for example with big site map)

Win 10, myBalsamiq

Could you please help?


Hi @ncherkasov,

Sorry for the hassle with this one.

Are you using Google Chrome by any chance? I see the issue too if the control was just edited. However, switching the focus to another Chrome tab (or another application) and back to the mockup allows me to use the link by pressing ALT+Click.

Unfortunately, this clearly seems like another Flash Player issue, as other web browsers (like Firefox) seem to behave fine on my end. Would it be possible for you to use a different one for that matter? Hopefully, links should behave normally in all browsers when using the Full Screen Presentation mode.

The good news is that we are getting closer to going native for our web version so this shouldn’t be an issue for too long. :slight_smile:

Sorry again for the snag. Let us know if you need anything else, we’re here to help!


Thanks for the help. Yes, it works fine in Firefox.Ok, I will use another browser. Could you please tell me, how I could turn on Full Screen Presentation mode?


Sure thing, @ncherkasov.

The option is located on the top-right of your screen when you’re in the editor:

You won’t need to use ALT in this mode. Clicking on your links will direct you to the related mockup.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: