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Canvas Height bigger than 4056 pixels


I have Balsamiq for Desktop, great product. I´m working in a project which needs a height bigger than 4056 pixels since it is a scroll down course. Help?


Hey @Pablo_Sektman,

I was just about to reply to your Facebook post. I’m glad I was able to catch you here instead! :smile:

I wish I had better news, but the canvas is limited to 4056x4056, I’m sorry about that.

What you could do is break the project up into several mockups, and then link them together using links:

You could even add a break line border in order to demonstrate that the design continues:

I’m sorry again that the canvas doesn’t get any larger, but hopefully one of these workarounds will work for your project.

Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.


Hi Brendan,

Thanks for your help!

The link won´t help because I do not have a continue button. The break option it may help despite the fact that I will then have to paste the 2 canvas in Adobe Photoshop.

I do elearning projects with Adapt Learning Too, and there we use components to block the screen but the course is all scroll down.




That’s right, I knew I recognized your name!

If you wanted to use multiple Mockups, you could export the project to a PDF. Then your students would just scroll down the pdf, page by page.

Would that work?


Hello Brendan,

I just sent an email to Peldi but I remembered I had an forum thread with you about this. Is there a way you put a request for the developers to extend the height of the canvas for next release?

Thanks! have a nice week!

Pablo Sektman


Hi @Pablo_Sektman,

I replied to your email already but wanted to post one here too. :slightly_smiling:

While this limitation is related to the use of Adobe Air alongside, we are working hard on going native (away from Air) as fast as we can and if that allows us to extend the canvas size, we will.

Thanks for sharing your need on this one. We’re here to help if you need anything else.


just a tiny idea/question - the 4056×4056 is because of some max size limit or it is limit of max total pixels? Because if it is total pixel limit, i yould prefer for almose every project some change of the aspect ration (e.g. something like 1200 × 13709)
P.S.: great to know you are leaving adobe air. I hope you will be doing something what will work on all platforms and will support pen


Thanks for jumping in @Tomas_Kapler, interesting point you made here. :slightly_smiling:

It is indeed a total pixel limit. The problem with changing the aspect ratio is that it would involve so many changes (from canvas calculations to zoom options, exports and so on…). For now, going native is a huge project for us which in turn should help addressing this issue, so we decided to prioritize this one.


thx. one more idea (but i guess it would be similary hard) - option to calculate pixels with some conversion rate, e.g. 2×, so that we would have in this case 81128112 “di-pixels” (or let’s call it “points”) - so every single pixel value would be rounded to 2 pixels. Because i believe, we do not need bilions of pixels and single pixel precision, we just need to easily know, that e.g. this browser frame is 12801024, or this iphone screen got the same size as the original, so we do not have do all the calculations in head everytime we place or resize anything.


Hey @Tomas_Kapler,

Thanks for keep sharing your thoughts on this one. This is again an interesting approach we might consider but it would certainly involve more changes too. Let’s see how going native address this first, we’ll keep those in mind in case we need to do more. :slight_smile:


Has there been any update on this topic? Similar to Pablo, I find that nearly every project I work on requires more height than 4056 pixels, while I rarely use the full canvas width. It would be very helpful to either have an infinite canvas or the ability to adjust the dimensions and aspect ratio to be taller or wider to accommodate different needs. In the meantime, will continue exporting multiple mockup sections and splicing in Photoshop. Thanks!


All of our next generation apps will support a 10k x 10k canvas, so this won’t be a problem much longer.

We are looking to launch the web apps within the next few months. Desktop apps will follow that.

I’d be happy to add you to our beta list, Dan, if that’s what you’d like. Just let me know!


Thanks for the reply, Brendan. Sounds great, I will be looking forward to the next generation! And yes, it would be great to be added to the beta list. Thanks!


Sure thing, Dan. Are you a Mac or Windows person?

Or I can add you to both lists. Just tell me what you’d like :slight_smile:


I am a Mac person. Thanks!