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Canvas Length Too Short

Hi Friends,

I’m hitting the end of the canvas. I know it’s crazy, but without getting into it, how do I make this longer? I did search and saw posts from years ago of people looking for this capability. I’m just hoping it’s in Balsamiq currently. If not, I’ll create separate mockups for the same page.

Thank you.

Hey @Doug.

We did expand the canvas in our Balsamiq Wireframes apps, but it’s still not infinitely resizable. The new apps have a canvas size of 10k by 10k.

Are you still using Mockups 3 for Desktop? Its canvas limited to 4056x4056.

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Hi @Brendan,

I am using Balsamiq 3.5.17 Desktop. What is “Balsamiq Wireframes apps”?

thank you.

Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop is an app we launched about six months ago. You can download it here.

How long ago did you purchase Mockups 3 for Desktop? Do you remember?

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Hi there,

I started using Balsamiq Mockups 3.5.17 back in September 2019. I did not make the purchase as this is the tool of choice for a large organization that I am working for, but I can see what you are referring to. Wow! I’ll dig into this further, thank you!

Sounds good, @Doug.

Let me know if you have any questions. More than happy to set you up with an extended trial if you want to move your project to Balsamiq Wireframes.

Hi Brendan,

I downloaded the Balsamiq Wireframes trial and like it. With Balsamiq Wireframes - can I have the balsamiq file in the cloud and use this as a means of collaboration with another designer on my team? I think i might be able to, but I can’t tell from the trial. ( under Opening Balsamiq Cloud Projects is what has me hoping!)

Currently, we are sharing balsamiq files back and forth and it’s not ideal primarily because it is very hard to keep in sync. The balsamiq files have grown to about 14mg, so we won’t be able to email them back and forth much longer.

Thank you.

Hi Doug,

You can do that but, for your other designer to be able to edit the files on Cloud, s/he’ll need access to Cloud. As with all our product versions, we offer a 30-day free trial of Balsamiq Cloud and beyond that you’d need a Cloud subscription to continue using it.

If collaboration with other designers is something that is core to your work model, you may want to consider switching to using Cloud rather than the desktop app.

If you need a little more time than the regular 30-day trial to test this out and evaluate it against your needs, just start a trial then drop us a line at and we can take care of that for you.


Where I am coming from is - bandwith.

We are working remotely as a result of covid and the VPN is slughish at times. My fear with the Cloud version that our sluggish connection would hamper our ability to work quickly or at all, if there is no connection.

I only share this for background, not because I expect Balsamiq to correct this (chuckle).

Definitely, @Doug.

It’s a question of costs and benefits. Because your projects are hosted online when using Balsamiq Cloud, the features for real-time collaboration, sharing with different roles/permissions, etc. are richer than with the desktop app.

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Thank you gents, but at this link it talks about opening a balsamiq project from the cloud. Does this mean the Balsamiq file itself is stored on the cloud? I see that as a possible option to not being fully reliant on my connection.

Yes @Doug - the file would be stored in your Balsamiq Cloud space. There’s no (secure or simple) mechanism for sharing a project which is stored on your local hard drive.