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Canvas shifted by 10px sometimes right, sometimes down, sometimes both


Hi folks,

I’m a first-time poster - but a long-time user. Your excellent communications leave me trusting that you actually do read and comment on these notes, so I joined up. Thank you.

I’m a stickler for keeping my individual mockup canvases in the same position. I do this to facilitate toggling between two canvases quickly to see the difference between the two. I toggle by either clicking on the mockup name on the left of the screen, or using Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDn to move between adjacent mockups.

Sometimes, for some unknown reason, the canvases which I leave scrolled to the top-left (so pixel 0x0 is in the top left), get themselves shifted over and/or down by 10 px. This is really annoying, as I then click on each mockup, in turn, and scroll it to the top-left position.

After this scrolling-fest, everything is fine. Until sometime later when the shift comes back.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any rhyme or reason yet as to the causes leading up to it – so I can’t really hazard a guess as to what’s going on.

Any ideas?




Hrm, that’s a weird one @bdubrovsky. Let me check with @Florian_Brauer on this to see if he has any ideas. He has done a lot of testing with the navigator/canvas and may know what is causing this.

Let me know if you’re on the newest version (3.5.5).

And thank you for the kind words, my friend. We love having a direct line of communication with folks like this. It helps us make the app better (and be better in general), so thank you for taking the time to post!


Hi Brendan -

I’m working with version 3.5.3

Also, it happened again this morning. Last night I left all my canvases scrolled to the top left, and this morning all of the mockups were scrolled to the right (none were scrolled down) – but the new thing is that some were scrolled by 10px, and others by 20px.

Honestly - I’m not making this up. I know it sounds like it, but I’m not. BTW: I leave my copy of Balsamiq running all the time, and I do lock my workstation at night so it would be hard for someone at work to be playing a practical joke on me. :wink:



I totally believe you, @bdubrovsky, especially if you are leaving Mockups running all the time.

After talking to Florian, here is what I would like to try: Grab 3.5.5 when you get a chance. Then, during the day, try and close out of Mockups every so often. I’m wondering if the issue is linked to the fact that things can get weird if Mockups is never restarted.

Give that a shot today and let me know. Mockups should remember the scroll position between restarts, so you shouldn’t have to worry about have to adjust it after you restart.

Sorry again for the weirdness, Ben. We will do everything we can to get it sorted!


OK - I downloaded 3.5.5. Then I quit 3.5.3 and restarted with the new release.

Ironically, all pages were now stable in their horizontal scroll, but several of the mockups – a set of 6 or 7 out of 24 – were now scrolled down by the 10 or so pixels.

I’ll reset, and quit and restart every few hours or so.



Hi Brendan –

Well, whatever happened – it’s not happening now. Over the last several days, I’ve used Balsamiq quite a bit, stressing it as I have before, and this bug never manifested itself again.

The only tangible change I made was the upgrade to 3.5.5.

If it wasn’t the upgrade that caused the fix, then it must be the fact that I was paying a lot more attention to canvas scroll then before. I did notice two behaviors that might have contributed to the problem.

First, marquee selecting near the right or bottom edges of the canvas part of the screen caused a small scroll that I might not have noticed.

Second, there are keyboard shortcuts (Shift-up arrow) to scroll the canvas which I stumbled into while fat-fingering a different keyboard shortcut (which I can’t remember) – or with an erroneous expectation that since “arrow key” moves an object, “Shift-arrow key” must move it by 10 pixels.

So I doubt there’s any real work for you guys from this, but I appreciate your attentiveness and encouragement!




I’m just happy that it’s not showing up anymore, Ben. I wouldn’t have considered the Shift + Arrow Down shortcut, but that makes a lot of sense. Either way, thank you for keeping us in the loop, my friend. :slight_smile:

Please let us know if it shows back up.


Go figure – right after I called the time-of-death on this bug, it popped back to life. I mean, come on! At least wait a full day! Showing up an HOUR after I called it just shows the bug is trying to mess with me.

I was showing one of my colleagues several of the screens I’ve been working on, then we discussed the work for a while, and then I came back.

The best thing I can do is keep aware and see if I can generate any semi-coherent hypotheses.



If it’s possible to share the project with us, we can also see if anything weird is going on there. Totally understand if that is not possible, but it may be another route for troubleshooting.

Florian loves breaking things, so I’d definitely sick him on it. :slight_smile:


Hi @bdubrovsky, one small tip to deal with individual mockups having different scroll positions:

If you hit CMD + SHIFT + 0 it will apply ‘zoom to fit’ to all of the mockups in your project, and it will also reset the scrolling of all mockups to top left.


Thanks Mike! That’s a perfect shortcut!