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Canvas size questions

My company started to use Balsamiq for the mockups (I introduced it :slight_smile: ) since my entry.
However, we find the infinity(it’s so big!) canvas to be a bit of a nuisance when we are trying to fit everything in a page into an A4 sized paper. I tried to make a rectangle guide in the pixel size dimension of A4(3508 x 2480), but it seems to be much bigger on canvas…

That being said, it is possible to set the canvas size in a specific dimension?

Or, could I at least get what unit Balsamiq works with? is it pixels or picas or else?


Hi @flan-loving and thanks for using our little tool! :slight_smile:

The canvas size is defined pixels indeed and while it’s not possible to define a specific dimension, I’ve added your vote for this request so that we can talk about it more.

Setting a rectangle guide is the workaround we usually suggest for this workflow and locking the control usually helps to put it “out of the way”.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a better solution for this one but don’t hesitate to share any other questions you may have, we’re always happy to help!

Thanks for the answer. I already used the lock feature when needed - but what confuses me is more so about how the items on the canvas translates onto paper.
When I export the project to PDF, does Balsamiq automatically crop out anything that doesn’t fit into whichever paper size I choose? If it doesn’t it doesn’t make sense for me because when I selected my project to fit in an A4 sized PDF, some items got cropped even if they stayed within the dimensions.

Items shouldn’t be cropped in this scenario, would you mind sharing the related file via so that we can try to reproduce the issue here?


sure. thanks for the reply.

hi, tried to download my project as a PDF, and it seems that there is no cropping problem.
My boss told me that it happens, but I think what he really meant by ‘cropped’ is that wireframes with less items appear bigger than those with more items horizontally.

thanks for the help. I will ask again if there appears to be any more issues!

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