Canvas size to small - limited by Adobe Air



Is there any news about a (new / native) version of Balsamiq where we could have a giant (infinite?) canvas for our mockups?

I read regular replies in this forum like ’We’re getting closer to the native version’ - or - ‘We’re working hard …’ since 2015

I know that Adobe Air currently limits the size to 4056×4056 and I understand that a native version is a lot of work, but any news about an update?

Thx for your great work.


Hi @Kristof_Boeckx and welcome to our forums!

Yes! Our native version will have a much bigger canvas. We recently started the private beta for our new web version and we’ll make sure to let you all know once we release the official version. We’re also working on native versions for all our products in the meantime.

We wish we could provide a precise ETA for all products but as you mentioned, it is a lot of work. :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking on this today and stay tuned!


Will the new web version work on touch devices such as the iPad Pro?


Hi @lukeagsmith,

While the next major web version we are preparing won’t be optimised for a mobile use, we plan to make a mobile version once all our products will be native.

Thanks for keeping an eye on this!


So if the new web version isn’t going to work on tablet it comes back to the point @Kristof_Boeckx made - all we see is “getting closer” and “working hard” with regard to native versions.

We totally understand good software takes time and that you don’t want to make promises you can’t keep, but at this point I feel it would only be fair to your long time users to give an order of magnitude for how much longer we will have to wait so we can make informed decisions for our businesses.

Is it likey to be this summer, this year, next year? Any kind of guidance would be helpful, we can’t just keep hanging on forever.


We totally hear you @lukeagsmith.

The new native web version took longer than we thought but we are really happy with the results and the private beta looks promising. While you’ll be able to use it on mobile devices, it won’t be an ideal experience.

The process of bringing that new native version to the desktop (Mac and Windows) and then to mobile devices will take time. We hesitate to give any guidance, especially since we’ve gone over the deadline we discussed for our new web version already but the mobile version probably won’t be available this year. That being said, we would be happy to add you to the list for trying out the beta for our mobile version when it will be ready.

Thanks for your patience, we’ll do our best to keep you all informed along the way.


Thank you for coming back to me Virgin. Knowing “not this year” is a big help.

Please do add me to the lists for the native betas.