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Certainty in discarding alternate versions


Quite often I will prune unwanted alternates by selecting the chevron icon of an inactive alternate and selecting the “discard” option:

The problem here is:

  • The alternate that the context menu applies to is not highlighted (since it’s not currently active in the mockup view)
  • The alternate list is quite small and so it’s a bit hard to be sure of which one got selected (the chevron icon is still visible, but this is quite a subtle cue)
  • The confirmation that is then shown is generic and does not include the name of the alternate version:

…all of this leads to a degree of uncertainly that I am deleting the correct alternate. If I’m in a rush, mistakes could be made. Since there seems to be no trash storage for discarded alternates, this is a bit dangerous.

A cheap fix for this would be simply to include the alternate name in the discard/cancel confirmation.


Hi @Chris_Gatland and thanks for raising your concern about this action.

I’ve added your suggestion to our tool and we’ll make sure to discuss it with the team, there is definitely room for improvement there!

Thanks again! Enjoy your week, my friend. :slight_smile: