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Change default link style/decoration

Hi friends,

Is there a method to remove the default underline from the links?

I am aware of the project panel, but it appears limited to color. Also aware I can simply color a piece of text to look like a link, but really need to change this at the project level to update my grids.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello @Doug,

While it’s not possible to change the style of the built-in Link control to remove the underline, you could work around this relatively easily by creating a new-look link (with, say, the Text control) then save it as a Symbol called myLink, or such, for convenient reuse.

This doesn’t address the problem of changing existing instances of the Link control across your wireframes but will, once you’ve changed them for your Symbol, make it very easy to make global changes going forward.

Hi @alasdair, the greatest challenge with the approach you are suggesting is updating hundreds of rows (that have links) in the grids in my project.

Thanks for the response though. I’ll treat this as a Style guide issue and ask the devs to ignore the underline.

Yeah, @Doug, if you are using in-line link formatting in a text-based control like the Data Grid control, it doesn’t really help you. Sorry to not have a better answer on this one.