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Change text just by typing

When you do your mockups a lot of the work is changing the text of things: labels, boxes, markup etc.

To change the text today, it’s necessary to click the object and press F2, or doubleclick the object.

It would be very useful to have a function which allowed “instant” change of the text:
If a single object is selected, pressing any key A-Z 0-9, space or comma, symbol etc would start editing the content, REPLACING the existing content. Such editing is similar to how excel works: when you are in a cell, just type to change content.

F2 could be used to EDIT the content.

If multiple objects are selected, the same text is entered into all, to the extend they are compatible.

In my view, it would make editing very intuitive, and much faster. My F2 key needs a break.

I dig it, @hsatech. I will write up a story so we can talk about it!

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Thanks @Brendan ! One example could be when adding Callouts for notes. I think I remember ver 3 had ability to just drag in, type the number.

The new version forces you to go through

  • drag in
  • press enter / F2 or double click
  • Type the number
  • press CTRL-Enter

Steps 2 and 4 are completely unnecessary.

Balsamiq is still what I would consider one of the most intuitive markup programs out there. Keep it up.

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I like this idea but would this apply to say, tables as well? I’d hate to have a table selected; hit a key on my keyboard by accident, and have everything in my table get cleared. Need to think that through a little.

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Yeah, we would have to think long and hard about how we would do it.

No plans for it yet, however. Need to judge demand for it for a bit, and see what folks say. :slight_smile: