Changes in Balsamiq Wireframes 4.6.6

Hi Balsamiq

In the recent version 4.6.6, you removed some of the important features and added things, I’m not sure you intended to (at least I hope not).

  • Please bring back some group / ungroup function in the UI (not only via context menu). It’s OK, to keep the toolbar clean, but what about a solution in the inspector pane for grouping and ungrouping?

  • There are some complaints regarding the tooltip regarding the “double-click to edit” tooltip. Now you introduced another one, even more aggressive regarding links. Please allow us to hide all tooltips, they are annoying for more experienced users:

image image


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Hello Andi and thanks for the post.

Moving (and removing) features is always a judgement call and we understand that, sometimes, we’re going to impact somebody’s flow or make a change that some users aren’t crazy about. So, we don’t make these changes lightly. It may help to understand some of the background thinking when it comes to these changes? See: It’s pruning season at Balsamiq

Regarding the first issue - “group / ungroup function”, can you help us understand your workflow or working style here? What’s the benefit of grouping/ungrouping via the Inspector rather than via a context menu? If it’s simply a personal preference, let us know.

Also, nice wireframe to show us what it would look like! Thank you.

On the tooltip issue, we do receive feedback on this feature from time to time so I have already gone ahead and added your feedback to our tracking. Thank you.

All the best for now Andi.

Hi Alasdair

Thanks for your reply. Regarding the context menu, they are a pain, if you have more than 5 to 7 entries. And you software is way beyond this number. If I have to use such a context menu, it’s:

  1. right-click
  2. search the right context menu (sometimes it’s up, sometimes downwards from where I clicked)
  3. navigate the mouse pointer
  4. click at the right menu entry

Talking about usability, that’s what our customer always hold against us ;o)

In the toolbar, the group / ungroup is:

  1. search (but always in the same location, no up / down scanning with my eyes)
  2. only one click

Same would go for the inspector pane, the group / ungroup would always be in the same location.

Why I need group / ungroup so often, I group controls to:

  • move them around within a mockup
  • copy them to different mockups
  • create symbols
  • I break symbols apart to rearrange them (ungroup is needed)

No additional comments regarding the tooltips, they are just so distracting, particularly the new blue ones.