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Changes in 'browser window' widget


I can’t figure out how to turn off the bottom ‘status bar’ part of the Browser Window widget. This wasn’t there in the old version, and adding it has messing up a bunch of imported mock-ups.

(Many browsers don’t show the status bar any more, so it isn’t resonating with me as necessary.)

In general, when you’ve changed the existing widgets for B3, it’d be nice to have a property (or set of properties) that recovers the old behavior.


Hi, afeinman. It was there in the Sketch Skin, but no in the Wireframe Skin. I’ll add a story for us to consider removing it or allowing you to hide it via a property. Status bars are still used in some browsers, like Safari, but the user can hide it.

Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks, Mike! I hadn’t realized the tool had defaulted back to the sketchy skin…I’m so used to seeing both. :wink: