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Changes made from desktop and saved to google drive don't appear using drive plugin


I use both the Mac version and the google drive plugin. I have noticed that although I save to my google drive on the Mac that changes don’t appear sometimes when I open the document from going to google drive and double clicking it on my linux machine. Also if I just refresh on the Linux machine it is still missing some recent edits.


Hi @Samantha_Atkins, those are some weird issues and I’m sorry for any frustration it’s causing you.

Let me get a little more information from you so that I can start trouble shooting this on my ubuntu machine. When you have a moment, do you mind tossing me an email at If you can include the following information, I will be able to get started right away!

  1. What browser are you using in Linux?
  2. If you upload the file from your mac onto Google drive, and then open it your Mac’s browser, is all the data there?

Thanks for getting in touch about this, and I am sorry again for the trouble. :frowning:

  1. Chrome latest.
  2. Same issues when doing it from my Mac browser. I am pretty sure your appengine instance is underprovisioned. At any rate it is underperforming.


I have experienced the same problem before.

It’s the reason I only work on one of the both versions. Frankly, I actually didn’t expect this to work properly because of possible conflicts when collaborating through drive.

I’d be delighted to hear if it is possible (bug free that is)


In my case it has nothing to do with collaboration as I was the only one working on it. It was more convenience of being able to continue work on my linux machine rather than opening my Mac.


Opening from Google Drive on my mac in the mac version of Balsamiq is happy. The google drive app-engine balsamiq opening the exact same thing on either my Mac or Linux is not up-to-date always as it should be. Which is why I suspect a problem with your appengine product.


I’ve done a little digging on this, and I think I may know what is happening.

Are you syncing your Google Drive to your computer using one of the Google Drive apps? If you edit a file synced to your computer in that way, the changes won’t be reflected in Mockups for Google Drive. The reason is that there is a server between your file and the Mockups editor that tracks changes (this is how we do Real-Time Collaboration on Google Drive.) That server doesn’t know about the changes you are making to that file, outside of the Google Drive App, so it cannot properly sync it. You have to tell it about the changes.

So how do you do that? The easiest way is to save the locally edited version as a new project, and then upload that project to your Google Drive. Mockups for Google Drive will see that as a new file, and load it appropriately. You can then delete the old file (but keep in mind that you would lose the original file’s history doing that.)

Does that make sense? It took a little bit for me to wrap my brain around it (and I’m not sure I’m great at explaining it yet - so my apologies in advance.)

Try that and see if your changes start showing up in Google Drive.