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Changing Data Grid row colors


Although I can select a shade of gray, my needs require a color scheme to match the academy and I can not see a way to do this in the properties of the Data Grid.

Is there some way to change the color of the alternating rows in Data Grid?



Hey @Michael_Paparo, good to hear from you again!

I can’t remember, but I think you were using Mockups on the Desktop, right? We actually added a full color picker to the data grid in 3.2.2.

Head over to to grab the newest version of Mockups, and let me know if that was what you were looking for :smiley:


Will do, thanks Brendan.

Anna just gave me another temporary license key to keep my project alive until management comes through with $$$ for licenses. If I download this newer version, will that same key work?



Absolutely, Michael.

Give us a shout if you run into any issues, but the upgrade should overwrite the old version, while preserving your license.