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Changing from hand pointer back to mouse pointer

My mouse keeps getting stuck as a hand and won’t switch back to a pointer. I have to exit Balsamiq every time to get it to revert back - it appears when I snap a picture with snip-it it get’s stuck - any suggestions on how I can revert it back?

Hi there @Louise_Kidney and welcome to the forum!

This sounds very curious. Can you let us know which OS platform you’re using - macOS or Windows - and the version of Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop that you have installed and we’ll work out what’s going on.

Hi @alasdair ,
Yes, and thank you for your help know that your assistance is very much appreciated.
It’s, Windows, and version 4.3.1.

Note: I also notice that it happens when I move from Figma over to Balsamiq, too.


Thanks. Just to make sure I undertand correctly, you mean you have both apps open and you’re working in Figma. When you task to (Alt+Tab) Balsamiq, the pointer has changed to the hand and will not change back?

Yes that is correct.

Thanks @Louise_Kidney

One more question - when you say ‘Snip It’ is that a third-party app or are you using the built-in Windows ‘Snipping Tool’?

Built in Windows tool, secondly, I’m not using alt+tab - I have 3 monitors and I’m just going between the monitors and it is happening. @alasdair

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Thanks @Louise_Kidney - we’ll check it out.

If it’s so annoying that it’s a dealbreaker for using the app, you could downgrade to the previous version (4.2.7) and see if that reverts things.

okay, I’ll try that after lunch to see if that makes a difference @alasdair I’m in a meeting right now.

Hi @alasdair,
I tried to revert to the older version (4.2.7) but it quits in the set-up with an error message ä newer version of Balsamiq Wireframes is already installed. Installer version: 4.2.7 - Current version 4.3.1. So, perhaps I have to delete the newer version and than download the older version?

Sorry @Louise_Kidney I should have said. You’d need to uninstall the current version first.

Also, make sure that you have your project files saved in - or copied to - a folder other than the default Support Folder before you uninstall/reinstall, just in case.

No problem, thanks and will do.

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