Changing from hand pointer back to mouse pointer

My mouse keeps getting stuck as a hand and won’t switch back to a pointer. I have to exit Balsamiq every time to get it to revert back - it appears when I snap a picture with snip-it it get’s stuck - any suggestions on how I can revert it back?

Hi there @Louise_Kidney and welcome to the forum!

This sounds very curious. Can you let us know which OS platform you’re using - macOS or Windows - and the version of Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop that you have installed and we’ll work out what’s going on.

Hi @alasdair ,
Yes, and thank you for your help know that your assistance is very much appreciated.
It’s, Windows, and version 4.3.1.

Note: I also notice that it happens when I move from Figma over to Balsamiq, too.


Thanks. Just to make sure I undertand correctly, you mean you have both apps open and you’re working in Figma. When you task to (Alt+Tab) Balsamiq, the pointer has changed to the hand and will not change back?

Yes that is correct.

Thanks @Louise_Kidney

One more question - when you say ‘Snip It’ is that a third-party app or are you using the built-in Windows ‘Snipping Tool’?

Built in Windows tool, secondly, I’m not using alt+tab - I have 3 monitors and I’m just going between the monitors and it is happening. @alasdair

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Thanks @Louise_Kidney - we’ll check it out.

If it’s so annoying that it’s a dealbreaker for using the app, you could downgrade to the previous version (4.2.7) and see if that reverts things.

okay, I’ll try that after lunch to see if that makes a difference @alasdair I’m in a meeting right now.

Hi @alasdair,
I tried to revert to the older version (4.2.7) but it quits in the set-up with an error message ä newer version of Balsamiq Wireframes is already installed. Installer version: 4.2.7 - Current version 4.3.1. So, perhaps I have to delete the newer version and than download the older version?

Sorry @Louise_Kidney I should have said. You’d need to uninstall the current version first.

Also, make sure that you have your project files saved in - or copied to - a folder other than the default Support Folder before you uninstall/reinstall, just in case.

No problem, thanks and will do.

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Hi, I have exactly the same problem on Win 11 - cursor switched to HAND will not switch back.

Sorry about that, @Dave_O_Neill.

I am assuming that pressing the Space Bar doesn’t help? What about restarting the app?

Let us know! I’m sorry for the trouble, my friend.

Restarting works, space bar did not seem to… weird.


Let us know if you see it again, Dave. Sometimes the hand gets “stuck”, and we haven’t figured out a good way to reproduce it so that we can fix it.

:crossed_fingers: that it doesn’t happen again. But, if it does, maybe we can track it down once and for all. :slight_smile:

Hi Brendan, looks like I’m still experiencing this issue as well. I’m using the app version for MacOS - Monterey. The space bar trick doesn’t work, but restarting the app does. I’m also experiencing this issue when using multiple monitors and hopping between multiple screens.

Just wanted to add another data point! :slight_smile:

Hi @Bobby_Lupo ,

Thanks for the updated report. Are you using version 4.4.8 of the app? If not, would you mind updating and let us know if the issue persists?

Sorry - yes, I am using 4.4.8 of the app.

Thanks @Bobby_Lupo ,

This is a bit of an ask, and will likely disrupt your workflow a little but, if you were able to use the app for a little while using only a single monitor, do you see the issue arise?