Changing size of working area


How can I change the size of working area?
As I can see the maximum height is 4054px.

Thank you!


Hi @Hero,

Thanks for using our little tool.

Mockups automatically adjusts the canvas size to adapt to your content.
You don’t even need to worry about it. :wink:

And the maximum size is indeed 4056x4056 pixels, more details here:

Please let me know if you need any further information.


Thank you for helping @Virgin

I decided to better use the Pencil Project tool to make mockups.
Because there are not such size limits.


We want you to use whatever software suits your needs the best!
Let us know if we can help you with anything else. :slight_smile:


Guys, excuse me, but this is totally retarded. Just lost half a day since now I need to find other tool, because this limitation is blocking my work. Especially with today’s huge scrolling single-page websites…Jesus


Sorry for the frustration with this @AlexTazh!

As much as we’d love to have it changed already, 4056x4056 pixels is the maximum canvas size that Adobe AIR apps allow. We’re getting closer to the native version that will allow us to change this but there is still work to do until we get there. We’ll let you all know as soon as we improve it!

In the meantime, maybe the workaround described on this page can help.


My two cents - I’d like to have an infinite canvas.

My current (small) problem is that I’ve realized I need to add some stuff at the top of my mockup. I can move everything down to make room, but that’s a hassle. I’d rather just scroll up and add something, but the top is fixed.


i created an account just to let you guys know that this problem was a deal breaker for me too. Just downloaded Sketch after only hitting this wall after a couple hours of work. Very frustrating.


I hear ya, @Scottloong. It’s frustrating for us too because we cannot do anything about it because we are shackled to Adobe Air’s rules.

This will get better soon, but I totally understand any frustration it causes folks in the interim.

We feel it too. :frowning:


“Soon”. What does soon mean? I am willing to wait a short while, but this limitation is just plain silly. So is the use of AIR, frankly.


I’m really sorry for the wait, @jeff! We have been working for a while on moving away from Air, but we are a small team and it’s a huge task. We hope to have a private beta version of our web app by the end of this year but don’t have any precise date for it yet. Other versions will follow that one.

I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you today, we’ll make sure to update that thread with any related information.


Please… Please make the canvas taller :frowning:


We’re definitely getting there @MadTurki! Thanks for sharing your need about this one.


I ended up using the “break” border on the rectangle container so I could span my mobile view over two mockups. It works okay but it’s not ideal.



Does the problem is solved?
Because I encounter with the same problem. The workspace will be not enough to finish my project mock up plan in Balsamiq.

I mean the workspace that you provided for one canvas.



Hey @Serkan_Emre_Elci

This was something we tried to fix in the current version of Balsamiq Mockups, but it turned out to be really unstable, so we abandoned that.

It is, however, fixed in our new Balsamiq Wireframes products like Balsamiq Cloud. Wireframes will be coming to Desktop next year.

In the interim, you may need to split your project among multiple mockups. I’m sorry about that - but we hear you, and this won’t be a problem for much longer. :slight_smile:


Hello there,
made a profile in here so I can push as well for a larger canvas on the desktop app.

There are workarounds yes, but it would be a more elegant solution to not have to :slight_smile:

Said that, still loving Balsamiq Mockup after several years of use so you surely got lot of things right. Thanks for a great app and don’t give up!

— Carlo


That’s definitely coming, @carlorizzante!

As Brendan mentioned, it’s already available in our new web version, Balsamiq Cloud, as detailed here and our dev team is already working on the next major Desktop version.

Any questions, we’re here!


One of the other issues touched on here is that Balsamiq sizes the canvas to adapt to content. That can create formatting problems when I export to a PDF file. Some tools that display embedded PDF files have the PDF navigation menu cover part of the file, which obscures part of the content.

It might be nice to just be able to define a margin size around the content, and I expect that it would be a good deal easier to implement than a complete page sizing module.

EDIT: Now I feel like a dummy. I was “optimizing for viewing” so I missed the “shrink to fit a page” option in the PDF exporter. Ok, we don’t need an additional feature. :slight_smile:


Oh man, wish I’d have known about this limitation before I started working in Balsamiq :frowning: there goes a few hours work down the drain…