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Changing the background color of the Date Chooser control


I’m trying to show fields that are restricted for editing. Text field - no problem, for just about all others - big problem. Checkboxes, drop down lists, calendars - NG!

Why can I change the line color but not the background?


PS: yes I know I can disable but that gray’s out the text and box - this is not how my actual screen looks though.


Hey Michael!

Hope your holidays and new years was awesome.

I’m not 100% sure what you are looking for here, but my head is swimming in cold medicine, so complete sentences are difficult.

Would a semi-transparent, colored rectangle not work here?


Lol, seems like your forming good sentences…

Happy New Year to you as well. Many have the new years bug, staff is thin around here too…

I’m trying to just alter the background color a shade without altering the text.
Anything I put over another will fade out the underlying somewhat, no?


Ahh, I see Michael.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of controls that don’t have a background color property, and there isn’t a great way (aside from the transparent rectangle trick) to alter their colors.

If you let me know what controls you’d like to change the background color of, I will pass that over to the team, and we can discuss it.