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Charts into Wireframes

Hello Balsamiq team,

I want to put some representative pie charts into my wireframes but seems like I can not put color in some parts on a chart, can not really do something close to reality.

Is not it?

Hello @simple45,

Thanks for the post. You are correct that the built-in Chart: controls are static and monochrome. In the context of our low-fidelity tool, they’re really meant to communicate the simple idea that “there will be a chart here” rather than be an accurate representation of the actual data.

That said, you could work around this relatively easily by importing a more representative chart as an image and using that e.g.

Hopefully you can make that work? Please let us know if you have any other questions.

I really need a chart that contains some representative data. Can not just yse any image.

When you say importing, importing from where?

In that case, you could create a sheet of the data you need (e.g. in Google Sheets or Excel), chart it and export the chart to an image. That way you will get a chart displaying exactly what you need.

I use the Snipping tool (from the start menu) or Windows + Shift + S to get a part of what is shown on my screen (e.g. a diagram) to the OS clipboard.

Then I go to balsamiq and press Ctrl+V to paste from the clipboard.

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