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Checkbox in DataGrid

Hi, I’m placing a checkbox in a datagrid. It seems quite simple - just add “” or “”. Is there more to this? Sometimes it doesn’t convert the square brackets to a checkbox. I can usually get around this by copying a “” (square bracket) from the DataGrid example data that is provided when the datagrid is initially added to a mockup.

In another case I am trying to have “Select All ” (text beside a checkbox) and I cannot get this working no matter what I try.

My preference would be to not overlay a checkbox control over the grid.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello again @Doug,

Unfortunately, the Data Grid control only supports a single checkbox or radio button in a table cell. I’m not sure why your square brackets are not being converted but, if you can, send the .BMPR file containing the Data Grid to me at and I’ll be happy to investigate.

Regarding text beside the checkbox, that’s not supported - the parser will only display the check box if it’s not mixed with text. The limitation is mentioned in the Data Grid help doc but it could probably be clearer. I’ll take a look at improving that.

We’re planning to take a look at the Data Grid control once the new desktop apps ship but that’s a ways off and doesn’t really help today.

As such, the workaround would require overlaying controls. I know that’s not ideal as it’s not your preference but you can make it a little more manageable by grouping the controls (and optionally converting them to Symbols):