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Circle button label



The label of a circle button is not displayed. I have tried to change the size of the button, to remove also the icon, to change the position of the label without success.
Is it a bug?

I am using Balsamiq 3.5.5 for Windows.

Thanks for your attention.


Hi @Mario_Ferrari,

Thanks for getting in touch about this and sorry for the confusion.

What happens if you try to resize it like this?

Does the Label appear for you too?

Thanks to your report, we just realized that this could be improved, so we’ll discuss it further to try to come up with a better behavior than having to resize it manually.

Please let us know if you need anything else, getting your thoughts on Mockups helps us a lot to make it better and better! :slight_smile:


Hi @Virgin,

Yes, I can see a short label like “test” resizing the button.
The label disappears automatical shrinking the button under a certain dimension.
I wrote the original message because I had a long label in my button.
I would prefer that the label is truncated e.g. “Ca…”, to understand that I have to find a shorter synonym, but it is a question of taste.

Longer the label, bigger the circle. :slight_smile: