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Clickable fields



if I link an element to another wireframe-page, then click on it (in the presentation mode), it jumps to the next site (which it is supposed to) but for a short moment every clickable element appear in red, to demonstrate where you can click on.

But there is nearly everything red on my mockup, as I almost link many elements to simulate a clickable site/app. I think that’s quiet distracting, if you want to present a click dummy.

Are there any settings to change this option?
So that you can just click through without any hint which element is clickable?



Hi Nathalie,

You can turn off the link hints by pressing “L” in fullscreen mode.

Alternatively you can click on the toggle in the bottom right corner. It disappears after a while so you need to move your mouse there.


Thank you, I’ll try that! :slight_smile: