Clients Preview on devices


I would like to send a clean link to my customers so they can preview my work. I don´t know if I’m doing this wrong, but today I can just send a link where the client needs to sign up.

I would like:

Send a Preview Link to a device where my client can see the mockup without Markups / menus.

Also useful for my self when I use a device to preview my work.

Is this already available? Request?

Pls advice.



Seems to be this issue?


Yup, it’s on our radar to do. We are planning on tweaking how this works so that you can go straight into presentation mode from a public link.

I’ll add your vote, @Thomas_Larsson!


Thanks. I thought of switching tool but this was the only big thing I missed so I asked instead?

Br /T


And we really appreciate it, Thomas. The more folks who ask, the more we see how many people need it.

If there are other things you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to let us know. They help us make the app better :slight_smile: