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Close project should not close the application


Hi there!

When I close a opened project in B3, I expect the project to close but NOT the application. The current behavior is that the application is closed as well. Furthermore, When you re-open the application, the project is still there!

If I had wanted to close the application, I would have hit the Quit menu, not the close project.

Thank you!


Hi @sgiroux,

Sorry for the hassle.

I assume you are using Mockups 3 on a Windows computer. The fact that the app is closing when you close the project is a standard Windows behavior but I understand this could be frustrating.

Maybe defaulting to an app launch screen in windows (when all projects are closed) would be a good compromise?

Let us know what you think. :smiley:


Yes, I am a Windows user.

No, this is not the “standard” Windows behavior.

Take a look at probably the most installed/used software ever, Microsoft Word:

It does not close the application. It leaves you with an empty canvas.
Try other softwares like paint .NET, one of the most used alternative to MS Paint. Same thing.

If you want my opinion as a UX Designer, I’d say no compromise, do it the same way the other Windows softwares do: don’t close the app when you close the project; leave an empty canvas.

Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve added this request to our internal tracker so we can review and consider it for the future.

If others would like to see this feature, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above) to help us prioritize this request.


Hi @sgiroux ,

We just released our latest version (3.1.9) which includes your suggestion:
On Windows, we now open a new empty project when you close the last project from the menu, instead of quitting the application.

Thanks again for your input! :wink:

You can get the new version (3.1.9) here:

And the complete release notes are here:


Great, thanks!

Just a little bug though: If you hit “Close project” on a new project, it will open another new project… indefinitely.

Thanks again!


Hi sgiroux, why is this a bug? If you want to quit the app, use Quit or close the window. What would you expect instead?


Hi Peldi,

Same as what I said above; Balsamiq should display an empty canvas, kind of like MS Word.

I know your application may not support this state, but for me it is the ideal behavior.

Let’s recap: I’m in front of a new, blank project. I hit Close project. Why would I do that? Most probably because I want to open a new project (otherwise I would have quit). Since I was ALREADY on a new project, the only explanation of my action is because I want to open an already created project, BUT without the New project window getting in my way.

If you don’t want to support empty canvas in Balsamiq, I understand, and the current behavior is okay.

Thanks for listening!


Ah I see. We have plans for an “empty canvas”-like view for the future, so consider today’s release as a stop-gap measure. At least you’ll be able to close and open another without having to relaunch the app! :smile:



…and thanks again for listening (and taking action!) to your user’s feedback.